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Prince's Trust

I have always been passionate about helping and supporting young people to achieve their goals in life. Having grown up in the South Wales Valleys I experienced how difficult it can been as a teenager to carve a future for yourself. Today it is ever more difficult for young people to decide on a future and find jobs, especially if they do not have a support mechanism at home. I decided to support The Prince’s Trust as a volunteer Progression Mentor and work with young people particularly in the South Wales Valleys to help build their future. I am also a Business Mentor with The Prince’s Trust and support start-up businesses with any help they may need.

Business Wales Mentor

I am a Business Wales Mentor on the Welsh Governments new Business Wales service Business Wales Mentoring offers a co-ordinated voluntary business mentoring service in Wales. It provides a platform to enable Welsh businesses to engage on a business to business basis, sharing expertise and promoting business growth.