Property Mentor & Coach

Get your property investment journey started TODAY with my personal mentoring package

As a property mentor I offer exclusive, bespoke coaching on a 1-1 basis which is tailored to your needs, drawing from my own experience gained over the years.

Are you nervous about getting into property investing? Wondering whether it’s too risky? But deep down you have a desire to generate wealth and have financial security for you and your family, or maybe you don’t have a pension.  Yet your gut feeling tells you property investing is the right way to achieve security.

Maybe you’ve started out on your property journey, attended a course, written copious notes and come away fired up, only to find the reality of actually doing it is more difficult than you envisaged.

Or maybe you have already invested in property and have a small Buy to Let portfolio. You want to buy more properties, but recognise that the market has changed and finance is hard to find.

Through my mentoring, and coaching, you will learn how to replicate or better my success through my own expertise and network of valuable contacts. I will show you how to build a multi-million pound property portfolio or maximise what you already have, whilst avoiding the expensive and time-consuming mistakes that can be made by lack of experience or knowledge.

The next few years offer great opportunities for smart investors to pick up bargains and become successful through property. Yes, even in this current climate!   Interest rates are lower than they’ve been for many years and there is a growing percentage of people who are renting property because they can’t afford to buy or it gives them greater flexibility with work and lifestyle.  Either way  there are opportunities for ethical  landlords.  If you want to set yourself up for life with property, NOW is the time to get onto that ladder and build your knowledge… TAKE ACTION!

“Turn your ambitions into reality with the right mentoring”

What You Will gain from My Personal Mentoring Programme

  • How to source below market value properties

  • Where to find markets, what to look for and what are the signs

  • How to negotiate and purchase at substantial discounts

  • How to build a solid positive cash flow

  • Learn about yields and how to increase them

  • How to fund your properties and arrange finance for your investment

  • Identify strategies for Buy and Hold, Buy and Sell on, or Buy-To-Let

  • How to buy at auction, what you should know – the benefits and pitfalls

  • What tell-tale signs to avoid in properties

  • How to refurbish, and how to budget

  • How to build your power team, appoint tradesmen and purchase material at the right price

  • How to prepare your property for sale or rent

  • How to set up tenancies and deal with tenants

  • How to find and keep good tenants

  • Understanding tax implications on your strategies, when to sell properties to gain the best from the Inland Revenue.

So Are You Ready For Your Journey?

Investing in property is hugely exciting but you must make sure you have the right mind-set :

  • Be clear on your goals and strategy and not be distracted from this

  • Having the right mind set and belief in what you are trying to achieve

  • Have the ability to negotiate, close deals and take action

  • Make good quick decisions and stop procrastinating

Mandy’s 12 month property mentoring programme is an intense learning opportunity, in which you will work closely together. You will receive hand to hand mentoring and regular contact by telephone, email, online, zoom and face to face.

Price on application

Some of the things mentees have said:

“She does exactly what she says she is doing and is out there in the field achieving it “

“Having researched and watched her carefully for some time I like her values and approach to property and investing”

“ I am really impressed by the way she refurbishes and the standards she achieves and I want to create that too”

“Her honesty, integrity and your down to earth approach”

“No Bullshit, No Upsell”

“Understated, modest of her achievements, such a depth of knowledge, a truly great mentor”

As a female investor, you may feel you’ll benefit more from learning from another female with years of experience in an often male-dominated business world. Often we not only ‘speak the same language’, but have empathy around the challenges women face, which is not a bad place to start the learning curve.

If you’re looking for a Property mentor who has been there and gone through the process of buying, refurbing, selling and renting property, has years of experience and is still doing it – then please do get in touch.

Mandy always works on a confidential basis and will not seek testimonials for personal gain.