Entrepreneur & Professional Property Developer

I’m Mandy St John Davey and I’m an entrepreneur, professional property developer, business mentor and property coach.  I have more than 25 years’ of experience in the property industry and have built up a large, and enviable property portfolio both in the UK and overseas.  I am today still active in all aspects of property development and investing and continue to build steadily on those firm, well established footings.  I guess you have found me as you are probably interested in property.

Are you an established property investor who wants to expand his/her portfolio? Or maybe you are someone who is thinking of entering the property market, tentatively putting out feelers, unsure of which direction to take? Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between.

I am almost certainly able to help you to progress and expand, whatever your current position in or out of the property market.

I say ‘almost’ because I cannot be totally sure until I have an idea of your goals and financial position. I appreciate that you may be vague about some details yourself, and that is my starting point. I am not exploitative and only insist that you are straight with me, and I will reciprocate. I offer an exclusive mentoring service second to none, partly because I alone handle all aspects of the professional support I offer. I do not pass you over to any other person and I only work with a small number of people at any one time.

Property Expert

As an active member – and former national chairman – of the campaigning organisation Women in Property I am wholly committed to creating opportunities which expands the knowledge and inspires change for women working in the property and construction industry.

It’s with this ethos and commitment that I work with women – or men – who are positive about the future of the property sector.  I am passionate about helping others who are ambitious, motivated and engaged and who wish to enjoy the success and fulfilment I have achieved.

Please browse my website and contact me if you feel ready to take the next steps in your property journey.  I do not charge for an initial consultation as we have to be sure we can work together in harmony.

If you are ready you can email me at [email protected]


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