Welsh Property Developer Supports Swedish Investors

stockholmIn September this year, I was invited as guest speaker to address members of the Swedish Wealth Institute in Stockholm about property investment opportunities in Wales.  Speaking to over hundred delegates who were all keen to invest in property, some experienced investors, others just starting out on their journey after attending property courses in the UK.

It was a busy and eventful weekend, as a result lots of the delegates/investors have since visited Wales with a view of focusing their investment strategy here.  This is what  the conference organiser Gisela Wood had to say about the event.


“Mandy was invited as a contact and speaker since she is one of the most respected property investors in the UK, with 17 years’ experience in residential real estate in Wales,”

“We view this as a wonderful opportunity for the members of the Swedish Wealth Institute to meet and learn from a true expert in residential real estate and the Welsh real estate market, which will both help Wales gain more international investment and will allow our investors to attract quality returns on their investments.”


The full article can be viewed below :


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